The 1 Hour BACKWOODS Ride

We offer our 1 hour BACKWOODS Ride up Perry Cove and back. This Trail is approximately 3 miles, round trip. The trail configuration is out and back. The ride soft and easy.

$40 per person

Rides leave at 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, and 4

2 person minimum



For those of you who want a little more time on horseback we offer a 2 hour Mountaintop Ride. This ride goes up Maxwell Cove and back. The trail is approximately 6 miles round trip. You’ll ride up slopes that are a little deeper than our Backwoods Ride and you will see some pretty overlooks. Good for ages 9 and up.

$80 per person

Rides leave at 10 or 11

2 person minimum


 The 3 hour MOUNTAINTOP Ride

For a little longer ride and more overlooks than the 2 hr, we offer the 3 hour MOUNTAINTOP Ride. This ride also goes up 

Maxwell Cove and back, going up to an old chimney and beautiful overlooks. Trail is approximately 8 miles round trip. Good for ages 12 and up. Some riding experience is preferred for this ride.

$105 per person

Rides leave at 9 or 10

2 person minimum



We try to have something for all ages, so for riders under 7 we put them on a horse, clip a lead rope to the horse and lead them around.

$10 for 10 minutes


Subject to availability